Founding Partners

80+ years of experience from equity markets, VC; broad industrial and financial network

Olof Jonasson

24 years as Portfolio Manager of Nordic and Global equities, most recently heading up the equity department at AP1. 

“At AP1, we started to invest in smaller fast-growing companies in the energy transition sector and discovered a significant funding gap. Cetif will address this gap and help entrepreneurs scale up their solutions and battle the climate challenge.”

Name on request

Profile with 15 years of experience of Venture Capital investments in the Swedish and Nordic region. NN has performed a large number of transactions in a diverse set of industries, with a dedicated focus on deep tech, industrial, clean tech and B2B applications in growth stage.

“The Nordics is a hotbed for high-quality startups and scaleups in the climate tech sector, which yields a highly interesting investment landscape.”

Johan Grip

24 years as Financial Analyst and Portfolio Manager, most recently at AP1 and previously at Brummer & Partners and Investor AB. 

“Having invested in the sectors that are most affected by the energy transition for 20+ years it is exciting to see that it is now for real after several subsidy-driven boom and bust cycles.”

Anders Idborg

22 years as an equity research specialist within Industrials at ABG Sundal Collier, Danske Bank and Carnegie. Rated by investors as the top Industrials analyst in Sweden for more than 10 years. 

”Over the past few years, the energy transition became a major business driver in almost all industrial verticals, with most of the innovation happening outside of the blue-chips in the sector.”