We are growth partners. We team up with the most ambitious entrepreneurs that are devoted to driving the energy transition through building, developing and expanding their world-leading technologies across the globe. 

We look for technologies that …

  • Shift away from fossile sources for both for energy production and consumption
  • Enable energy efficiency in industry, buildings and transportation
  • Provide solutions for the new energy landscape

Investment criteria

  • Scope – enabling technologies, not infrastructure, nor large (capital intensive) production facilities
  • Technology – proven, commercially viable, ensuring a sustainable competitive edge, mainly B2B, and normally combining hardware and software
  • Business model – scalable across applications and geographies
  • Stage – growth stage with market traction with primary focus on private companies, but also smaller listed companies in need of expansion capital
  • Geography – focus on the Nordics

What we offer

  • As a long-term leading financial minority investor, Cetif helps to build a network for broad long-term financing
  • Active coaching and engagement, with the help of an established industrial network
  • Expertise within ESG and capital markets