Clean Energy Transition Investment Fund

By deploying growth capital to scale up great innovations, investors can help to accelerate the energy transition, create new export industries and reduce carbon emissions—at superior returns. This is our Vision.

Our Key Takeaways

Climate change needs action now

With the current trend of greenhouse gas emissions, the world is facing an irrevocable crisis within just a few decades.

By public opinion pull,

political push, and competitive technologies, the energy transition is gaining momentum.

The EU, through its Green Deal and Taxonomy framework,

will pave the way for an acceleration of investments in technologies involved in the energy transition.

Bold commitments by large institutions

will also necessitate a steep increase in investments in the energy transition.

Cetif – the preferred venture capital fund in the energy transition
This is the right time

to invest for great returns

The Nordic region

is a documented hotspot for innovation

Cetif provides investors

with a net negative carbon exposure for their portfolios

The Cetif investment team

has an unparalleled knowledge and network within the industry

By investing with a long term horizon

the scene is set for a very appealing growth story for investors that commit capital at this early stage

Global Greenhouse Gases (GHG) – The Challenge

Climate change needs action now – with current GHG emissions the global temperature will rise >4 degrees by 2100.

EU estimates EUR 260bn/year needed (Green Deal) to get to net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Many developing countries, with high population growth, strive to achieve the same standards of living as the western world.

Meeting deep decarbonization goals will require significant investments in innovation and technology.

The Energy Transition – 75% of the GHG Challenge

By focusing on the energy transition in Electricity, Buildings, Transport and Industry, Cetif captures the majority of the areas where technologies need to scale up to solve the climate crisis.